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Intellectual Growth, Spiritual Growth & Cash Flow

Leverage your network to build net worth within our Member "Guidelines of Engagement." Growth comes through a unique, strategic alliance with Group7, tapping into our wealth-building business operating systems, operations and finance solutions. Craft your LIVE WORK PLAY life balance as a Member of Group7. 

Learn To Form Generational Wealth, Building Industry Relationships.

Our knowledge was handed down by banking legend James Alexander. Having completed over 400 venture capital deals, completed over 2000 escrows, helped form more than 375 community banks. 60 of them were the first ethnic banks formed in the USA, including the first African-American Bank in Harlem. With Jackie Robinson, our experts formed the first Woman-owned, Korean, Hispanic Banks, and many others.

Opportunities Are Abundant. Get In Where You Fit In.

Connect with the wisdom that has taken more than 1500 companies public and launched more than 40 products internationally. Involved in over 80 commercial and theatrical releases in Hollywood, builder and partner in over 60 escrows in the Los Angeles-Brentwood area, our Group Memeber was one of the first Americans invited by the Nixon administration to trade in China in the early 1970’s. Beginning during the Nixon administration, the Group learned investment banking wisdom driving over 100 emerging companies. Our Group7 Honorary Chairman, James Alexander, has been the principal in over 300 investments, working with families of Presidents' Kennedy, Eisenhower and Nixon.            

Jim's financial leadership was trusted to represent several of the wealthiest families in Australia, England, Canada and Mexico in their U.S. dealings with several world-wide partnerships in many industries.

Group7 Is Connecting The Next Wealth Creation.
With Finance Knowledge For B2C or B2B Enterprises. 

If you are manufacturing a product and establishing distribution channels, providing a service, or funding your development project, chances are we know the right capital partners. The right  banking families and wealthy entrepreneurs seeking to expand their portfolio. Group7's innovation funnel of members are using business as a force for good. We mitigate our investor risks through experience, knowing what works and what doesn’t work for your industry.

We have hired and trained more than 2000 sales professionals, assessed thousands of startups with experts who have guided innovative products leading entire industries. Our super strength is picking the next winners of products and services. We wrap legendary business tools around your vision, mission and goals, supporting your business growth, intellectual growth, spiritual growth, by deploying a "Team of Teams" within our strategy.

Group7 has senior level knowledge and experience of over 55 years to help maneuver your ship. Our leading entrepreneurs know the path of least resistance. We know who may be seeking the right team, whether it takes building market share, modifying and launching your product and service. Whether it takes engaging entire cities with emerging technologies to leading your organization in our omni channel approach. It's how we're building strong cities. We do it through innovative live-work-housing, entrepreneurship and higher education. Simply put, the answer is Group7.

Why Select Group7?
Business & Finance Connections, Proven Wealth Building Strategies

Project Indonesia Initiative (PII) with Dr. E. L. Sjharial Economic Reengineering Specialist

Each-One-Teach-One. Transference of Banking Knowledge.

James Alexander of J. Alexander Investments 
Pacific Stock Exchange 25 years 
Brentwood California 42 years 

Formed 350 Community Banks • 1500 Companies Public
Launched 60 products  • 
2000 Escrows

Leveraged  Access to Business Operating Systems & Finance. 

Developed Strategies to form Generational Wealth Creation Plans.

Growing, financing, and operating a business is not easy. 

Having timely access to accurate market intelligence, a properly positioned product/service offering, an effective plan, adequate financial resources, and competent help can make a huge difference.

Many mid-market companies may understand what they need to do to compete in today's global economy. But many lack the dedicated senior financial and planning staff required to sustain the kind of vigilant, disciplined, and competent effort necessary for developing and achieving their business plan goals.

For those who would welcome the help but don't think they can afford it, Group7 offers an affordable alternative. We serve as the senior level strategic planner and/or Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for our clients companies. Imagine being able to leverage and access a Business & Finance Network of gurus with 55 years of accomplished financial experience. 

Your personal Group7 Business Finance Consultant will provide senior-level experience as your Virtual CFO. This begins by identifying all the types of financing available for what you are trying to accomplish. And what it would be like using each financial plan. 

Then we will show you which financial program we feel would serve you best, and why. The final financing decisions will ultimately be yours to make. Your Group7 Business & Finance Consultant will impart the same knowledge, direction and recommendations that have been received by 375 start-up Banks. -- Including Imperial Savings, many Fortune 500 companies along with Mattel Toys, See's Candies and Easton Aluminum, just to name a few. 
We’ve been trusted to be the financial consultant to many wealthy families and sports figures from Jackie Robinson, and Sandy Koufax to present notables. The Chairman of our organization is the original inventor of the Bobble Heads. One of the first American's invited to trade in China by the Nixon Administration, One who has launched over 40 products internationally. 

Mitigate your risk of making financial errors by leveraging your personal Group7 Business Finance Consultant as your guiding CFO. Generally speaking, our Finance Consultants get paid for the financings that we complete. Often, the funder pays us. So, you get to use our services, Risk-Free. 

Telephone: (678) 835-8998 - Mario Visin, Group7 Founder & CEO